With over 60 years of experience, Eterno Ivica has earned a solid reputation for the excellence of its products and solutions. Its mission is to offer high quality materials and systems, designed and manufactured in Italy, which are sold and used throughout the world. Eterno Ivica is committed to constant innovation, always seeking new solutions and cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of its customers.

Eterno Ivica exports the high quality of its creations throughout the world, thus helping to spread Italian excellence beyond national borders. The horizon and vision of Eterno Ivica are increasingly turning towards a global market including residential and commercial buildings.

Adjustable Supports

“Pedestal” adjustable pedestals offer multiple solutions to compensate for small imperfections and large slopes of all types of laying surface to create a perfectly stable and flat covering. The exclusive adjustment key, an essential element of the system, usable for Pedestal Prime®, Eterno SE, New Maxi NM and Basic SB pedestals, allows the pedestals and therefore the raised floor to be adjusted, even when the covering is finished, thus avoiding the need to lift it.

Height adjustable supports

Eterno Ivica adjustable pedestals offer multiple solutions to compensate for small imperfections and large slopes of any laying surface, so as to always produce perfectly stable and level paving.

The pads are simply placed on the waterproofing membrane or on any other surface intended to be coated.

Fixed Height Supports (non-adjustable)

The quickest and most economical solution for laying tiles.

The Eterno Ivica line of fixed height pedestals is the quickest and most economical solution for laying slabs. Thanks to its different ranges, EH Rubber, EH and DM, fixed height pedestals are an excellent ally for easily and quickly creating exterior raised floor coverings.

Special Supports

After many years of experience in the field of pedestals for exterior raised floors, Eterno Ivica, always attentive to market development and customer requirements, has produced a line of special pedestals expressly designed for particular needs.

Anti-Wind Supports

The anti-wind system is designed to solve in the best way, definitively and economically the problem of slab lifting caused by wind.

The system guarantees a solid connection between the flooring tiles and the supports and is made up of metal clips inserted into the spacer fins of the supports which, thanks to their particular “T” or “L” shape block the flooring tiles.

These must be milled at the 4 corners in such a way as to allow the insertion of the clips.

Metal Supports with self-leveling head

Metal studs with A1 reaction and fire resistance classification. The special metal stud for raised exterior floors with A1 reaction and fire resistance classification.


The range of accessories for raised floor coverings made according to the rules of the art.

Eterno Ivica offers a wide range of complementary accessories to all pedestal lines designed and manufactured to satisfy any requirement.

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