EH Rubber 10

EH RUBBER 10+6 is a recyclable SBS rubber backing designed and produced in Italy. The material used is particularly resistant to temperature changes, acid solutions and atmospheric agents which make it very suitable for outdoor use.

It has another acoustic reduction property and its composition is expressly formulated to match the high acoustic performance of the “white head” of the NM and SE models of the Pedestal line. EH RUBBER 10 is a fixed support with a height of 10 mm. EH RUBBER 6 on the other hand is a fixed support with a height of 6 mm. They can be used separately or stacked, until reaching the desired height. EH RUBBER 10+6 was created to connect with other product ranges in the Pedestal line. The EH RUBBER 10+6 support can be used entirely, half or in quarter sections. Used individually, EH RUBBER 6 becomes the lowest fixed rubber support for outdoor raised flooring in the Pedestal line. Thanks to its raw material and its reduced size, EH RUBBER 10+6 becomes an excellent partner in the field of building and architecture; by guaranteeing rapid installation, better acoustic insulation and ensuring the floor covering has an excellent final result. It can raise any type of finish (stone, earthenware, cement, composite material, etc.) of any format and weight.

The support fins have a height of 10 mm and a thickness of 4 mm, standard. On request, the fins are also available with a thickness allowing installation with 2 and 3 mm joints.

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